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SOUL - an innovative educational journey

From the rich experience gained from years of conducting environment related activities and nature camps, Anala Outdoors have initiated the concept of School in Outdoors Unlimited, an Eco-Tourism package in a modern way. Under this package,
escorted tours to places otherwise inaccessible or not-so-easily accessible have been made enjoyable and the direct exposure to nature is converted into learning experiences. Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep Islands, Pondichery, Mahabalipuram, Wagah Border, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Corbett National Park,
Kashmir Valley…the list is getting expanded with every passing year.

SOUL is based on a philosophy that travelling to distant lands and meeting people who have different cultures, languages and customs is the best way to understand our country and also to realize one's own potentials. Life itself is a journey, an adventurous journey, in the right spirit. If our children get even a speck of this wonderful experience through the journey on the long but less travelled path, their attitude and values towards life itself would definitely change for a better and enjoyable one.

Through SOUL, it is our endeavour to give the participants an authentic experience that connects them to the elements of nature, history, culture and values. This connectivity would certainly help them blend their physical and spiritual abilities resulting in a more meaningful life to themselves and the society.
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